Ohio, USA Manufacturer to Add Aluminum Drop Bottom Oven

In Miamisburg, Ohio, USA we see that a company by the name of Precision Impacts will be adding heat aluminum heat treat capacity; “Precision Impacts, a subsidiary of Gayston Corp., will add a new production line to its Miamisburg operations and add 41 new jobs. The company, an aluminum fabrication, finishing and assembly manufacturer, specializes in aluminum products for a variety of industries including the Department of Defense, Medical Devices, Industrial Gases and Sporting Goods. JobsOhio provided a $250,000 grant to support the company’s expansion at 721 Richard St., where it has 180,000-square-foot facility on approximately 11 acres. “This expansion required a substantial investment in equipment, infrastructure and building systems,” Andrew Sheldrick, Precision Impacts chief operating officer, said in a statement. “The support from JobsOhio allows us to move quickly to expand our production to accommodate this new contract and keep that work in Ohio.”

The $1.7 million expansion will allow Precision Impacts to produce a seamless aluminum cylinder that customers can use at home to fill balloons with helium. The cylinder will be fully manufactured in Miamisburg to include fabrication, heat treatment, machining, assembly, testing, filling, finishing and packaging. The product will ship ready for the retail shelf and it will be sold at large retail outlets across the country.”

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