Oerlikon Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

There is a lot of blah, blah, blah stuff here but to a long story short this brand new facility will have high pressure vacuum furnaces which is what interests us;  Oerlikon, a global provider of surface solutions, equipment, advanced materials and materials processing, is inaugurating a new $55 million Innovation Hub & Advanced Component Production facility in Huntersville, as part of its ongoing US growth strategy. The facility will serve as a cornerstone of Oerlikon’s additive manufacturing business in the US. The 125,000 square foot facility currently employs about 60 people and is fully functional. The additive manufacturing production facility is Oerlikon’s second location in North Carolina – the other site being a center that provides manmade fibers, in particular, carpet yarn systems. The new facility consists of R&D laboratories, a large-scale 3D printing area, CNC machining and high-pressure heat treatment facilities. The backbone of the plant consists of inert gas systems, chilled water systems, purified compressed air systems, as well as a tightly controlled temperature and humidity HVAC system.”