Now That’s a Big Vacuum Furnace-SECO To Build 36′ High Vacuum Furnace

The press release below comes from furnace builder SECO/WARWICK and it tells us about how the company has received an order for a Vertical vacuum furnace 12 meters (36′) high. This is not the first monster vacuum furnace the company has built, we are aware of one in the US in operation with similar dimensions.

“The SECO/WARWICK vertical vacuum retort furnace for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) will be used for high-vacuum annealing of gyrotron components. The equipment will be used as part of the ITER project. This is the first time the SECO/WARWICK Group has cooperated with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The order placed by the Institute was preceded by several months of consultations, when the optimum technical parameters of the furnace were agreed upon with the customer. The furnace will have a water jacket with a compact integrated cooling system. When open, it will be 12 meters in height, and the diameter of the usable space of the device will be 1.8 metre. These are not the standard dimensions for a furnace of this type. It was necessary to adapt it to the customer’s needs. KIT also required a specific level of high-vacuum that will be achieved with the use of a cryogenic pump.”

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