North American Heat Treating-Names in the News

Paulo Heat Treating, St. Louis, MO appoints new Plant Manager. Paulo is one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America as ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News The company has just appointed a new plant manager for their flagship location in St. Louis, MO. Mr. Heitman started in this position in just the past couple of weeks and brings with him some very strong experience as a Plant Manager.

Smart Skim (Universal Separators) is one of the best known companies in the industry when it comes to oil/water separators. For almost 20 years Mr. Bill Gimbel has been the firm’s VP of Sales-no longer. Bill has made quite a change and is now Regional Sales Manager at a company by the name of Sentry Equipment Corp., which as far as we know is not involved in the heat treat industry. Bill say it ain’t so!

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