North American Cutting Tool Manufacturer Buys Another SECO/VACUUM Tempering Furnace

To go with this press release from SECO/WARWICK we have this photo. What you see in the picture is an older version of the furnace (manufacturing date 2006 to be exact) mentioned below which is currently installed at a Timken Bearing facility in the US;  

“A global manufacturer of cutting tools has purchased an additional vacuum temper furnace from Pennsylvania based SECO/VACUUM (SVT), a SECO/WARWICK company, for its North American manufacturing operations. The new furnace, which will be used for tempering and stress relieving metal parts, is part of the company’s growing manufacturing expansion and complements another commissioned earlier in 2019 at this facility. The horizontal, front-loading furnace is purpose-built to accommodate the customer’s needs with an all-metal hot zone for clean vacuum processing. As with the earlier furnaces, one of which was installed at a different facility, the new furnace includes a convection fan and a pressurized gas quench for quick cooling. The repeat order is a testament to SVT’s on-time performance and the furnace meeting all promised parameters.”