Nominations for the 25 Most Influential People in the North American Heat Treating Industry

​November 30th we started our nomination process for our semi-annual list of the 25 Most Influential People in the North American Heat Treating Industry and since that time we have received quite a number of suggestions, a few recent ones are included and it makes for interesting reading. Our final list will be published early in January 2021.  Remember that the individuals on this list are not chosen by us but by fellow heat treaters through your votes. Examples could include pioneers in new forms of heat treatment, the fellow at a major captive heat treater who decides which furnaces to buy, CEO’s of major furnace builders, large commercial heat treaters or consultants who advise on what equipment should be used. In addition, to make the list individuals must currently be active in the industry. Submit your vote today to Jordan Montgomery [email protected]

Mario Ciampini. Mergers & Acquisitions at Bodycote Plc. Vice President Strategic Projects. We would have been very surprised if Mario Ciampini of Bodycote didn’t make our list. As a past President of furnace builder Ipsen and now in charge of acquisitions for Bodycote, Mario has had a very definite effect on our industry.

Aymeric Goldsteinas, Product Development Manager, Ipsen, Rockford, IL. This is an interesting nomination and I have to say we agree that you don’t have to be a CEO to influence our industry; “I would like to nominate Aymeric Goldsteinas. Because there are interesting and influential people with a lot of technical knowledge, expertise and experience besides CEOs, Presidents and so on.”

Michael K. Klauck, President at Can-Eng Furnaces International. It brings joy to our hearts to see a fellow Canadian make this list. Mike Klauck has spent his life in the industry and as President of furnace builder Can-Eng he has had a very decided influence in the industry, especially when it comes to the use of mesh belt lines.

Chris Hall, President Accurate Steel Treating, Southgate, California. We have now had several people suggest a fellow we have always had a high opinion of, Mr. Chris Hall of Accurate Steel Treating. This is what one reader had to say; “Chris Hall of Accurate Steel Treating in California. Solid leader, Helped grow Bodycote in California and took Accurate Steel Treating to the next level.”

Ron Waligora, Senior Engineering Manager-AFC-Holcroft. Ron has spent 32 years with AFC-Holcroft, one of the largest furnace builders in North America. We have had the privilege of working with Ron for quite some time and can say he is a good man who knows his stuff.