Nitrion Do Brazil Makes Major Investment in Vacuum Nitriding Capacity

 Last week we had a rumor about commercial heat treater Nitrion Do Brazil making a major investment in more vacuum nitriding furnaces, today we can say that the rumor was true and at the same time offer a few more details. This photo shows furnaces #2 and #3 which were recently installed at the plant in Feliz, Brazil. Installation and commissioning started 2 weeks ago and parts are being tested. Installation and start up were performed by Don Longenette of A + Heat Treating of Ohio, USA. The fourth KGO furnace will be delivered in a couple of months. Pictured with these furnaces is Rodolfo Porto, Nitrion Quality Analyst. Nitrion offers both plasma (ion) nitriding and gas nitriding and with this additional equipment Nitrion is probably the largest commercial nitriding company in all of South America.

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