As a global provider of turnkey systems (nitriding, nitrocarburizing, vacuum), heat treatment services, as well as instrumentation and automation solutions, Nitrex is proud to announce that its facility in Querétaro, Mexico, has been awarded its heat treating Nadcap accreditation.

“We are extremely proud of our team in Querétaro, Mexico, for their invaluable contributions in achieving this significant quality system accreditation for the aerospace sector,” said Jason Orosz, president of Heat Treating Services (HTS) at Nitrex. “Nitrex has had a long history of developing processes and methods for exacting surface treatments. A Nadcap accreditation is the apex of this achievement in the aerospace sector. We are happy to push our knowledge and quality systems to our worldwide facilities.”

Mark K. Hemsath, vice president of Sales at Nitrex Heat Treating Services Americas, noted: “This is a major accomplishment for our Querétaro team. A Nadcap accreditation requires a rigorous commitment to all aspects of the quality system. Our team’s expertise is built on a foundation of continuous improvement, which will undoubtedly benefit our facility’s customers from all sectors, not just aerospace.”

Nitrex HTS has a global presence, with service centers in Mexico, China, Italy, Canada and the United States. In Querétaro, Mexico, the facility focuses on gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing, with new equipment being added in vacuum heat treatment for its aerospace customers.

Currently, Nadcap has approved the operations of the Nitrex HTS facilities in Franklin, Indiana, and in Querétaro, Mexico.

About Nitrex. NITREX ( is the only fully integrated global provider in the surface treatment market. The company was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada, and operates three business units – Nitrex Turnkey Systems (NTS), with turnkey nitriding, nitrocarburizing, and vacuum systems; Heat Treating Services (HTS), a worldwide network of commercial heat treating service centers; and UPC-Marathon, a leading provider of controls upgrade and automation solutions for heat treating and combustion.

With more than 450 employees and a market presence in over 55 countries, Nitrex serves its customers globally from 14 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China, Japan, and through a global network of representatives and licensees.

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