Nitrex to Install Horizontal Nitriding System

The NITREX installation base continues to grow and expand at the world’s largest aluminum extrusion profile company HYDRO. While all of the  NITREX nitriding systems at HYDRO’s worldwide facilities are pit-type furnaces, the latest delivery is a horizontal furnace. 

The decision for this furnace configuration was made because HYDRO EXTRUSION NORWAY had to replace an old decommissioned furnace at its Magnor plant, and the new nitriding equipment had to integrate with the existing infrastructure of the plant as well as fit in the specific floor space allocation. NITREX has had a long lasting relationship with global HYDRO since 1999, having installed over twenty nitriding systems in plants worldwide.

“Before placing the order, HYDRO did its due diligence – visiting extrusion facilities with Nitrex equipment to get user opinions on the solution including the technology, die performance, extruded profile quality, and our support services,” adds Mr. Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX. “Moreover, the test trials produced very good results. Thanks to this, we managed to beat the competition. Our added advantage was that we were able to deliver the turnkey nitriding system quickly.”

The horizontal-type furnace, a model NXH-6612, can handle loads up to 800 kg (1760 lb.). The delivered solution also includes the NITREG® technology to optimize process parameters for optimal die quality and a neutralizer for a clean process and pro-ecological solution.

About Hydro Extrusions. HYDRO is a leading aluminum and energy company whose business and partnerships are oriented towards a sustainable future. Since 1905, HYDRO has been transforming natural resources into valuable products for societies and businesses. In Hydro Extrusions, Hydro has the largest global aluminium extrusion-based solutions operation in the world, counting 100 production sites in more than 40 countries. Major international provider of small and large commercial and military jet engines, components, and integrated systems.

About Nitrex. Nitrex ( is the only fully integrated global provider in the surface and heat  treatment market. The company was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada, and operates three business units – Nitrex Turnkey Systems (NTS), with turnkey nitriding, nitrocarburizing, and vacuum furnace systems; Heat Treating Services (HTS), a worldwide network of commercial heat-treating service centers; and UPC-Marathon, a leading provider of controls upgrade and automation solutions for the heat treating and combustion industries.

With more than 450 employees and a market presence in over 55 countries, Nitrex serves its customers globally from 14 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China, Japan, and through a global network of representatives and licensees. Over the past 37 years, the company’s ability to diversify its product and business portfolios as well as unlocking employee potential has made it one of the best-known players in the heat treatment market.

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