Nitrex Metals “In Memoriam”

“Nitrex Metal is mourning the loss of two distinguished members of the heat-treating community, Professor Jan Tacikowski of the Institute of Precision Mechanics, Poland and Dr. George Tymowski, former Vice President of R&D at Nitrex Metal. “We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friends and colleagues Drs. Tacikowski and Tymowski,” said Michel Korwin, Founder of Nitrex Metal and Executive Vice President of Business Development. “Dr. Tacikowski was a distinguished professor and prolific author, and his ground-breaking work in the field of nitriding was a turning point in the development of “controlled” nitriding and the catalyst for the birth of Nitrex Metal and Nitreg® brand of technologies. Prof. Tacikowski devoted his over 60-year career at the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Poland to various scientific issues related to heat and thermochemical treatment technologies.”

In the 1980s, nitriding was a relatively undeveloped heat treat process not only in Canada but worldwide. When Nitrex Metal was founded in 1984, early efforts focused on R&D, designing automated control systems and developing the process control technology. “Dr. Tymowski was a founding partner and investor of Nitrex Metal, and also joined the Nitrex management team as Vice-President of Research and Development,” said Michel Korwin. “He was a guiding voice and made enduring contributions to the development and application of Nitreg® technology. His dedication and the impact of his work have left a legacy that influenced the growth of Nitrex Metal and the increasing adoption of Nitreg® for improving the wear and corrosion resistance of metal parts. Following his retirement in 2004, he served as a close advisor. His integrity and sincerity earned him the respect and admiration of all who knew him. We deeply appreciate the contributions of these men. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.” More information about Dr. Tymowski’s life and career can be found in his obituary.