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Our monthly newsletter “The Monty” goes out at the beginning of each month to over 8,000 subscribers around the world. Since the newsletter started in 1999 it has grown from 3 pages to over 150 pages making it one of the largest, most read heat treat publications in the industry. Pricing and specs are below. 

Front Page Advertising. A full page ad at the front of the monthly newsletter “The Monty” which can include photos, articles and links. Full page: 8 x 10 inches 300 pixels per inch or 2400 x 3000 pixels. $1,500 USD for 1 issue. 

Single Page Ads. A single page ad of your design to go into the monthly newsletter anywhere except for the first page. Full page: 8 x 10 inches 300 pixels per inch or 2400 x 3000 pixels.  $1,000 USD for 1 issue.

Half Page Ads. Our most cost effective ad, a half page of your design to go into the body of the newsletter.  Half page: 8 x 5 inches 300 pixels per inch or 2400 x 1500 pixels. $500 USD for 1 issue.

Quarter Page Ads. A quarter page ad of your design which can include photos and graphics. Quarter page: 4 x 5 inches 300 pixels per inch or 1200 x 1500 pixels. $250 USD for 1 issue.

Who reads “The Monty”? Most captive and commercial heat treaters in the largest heat treating markets in the world are regular readers of “The Monty”. Whether it is the USA, Germany, Mexico, China, India, Japan, the UK, France, Italy or a host of other countries we have regular readers-readers who make the actual decisions about which equipment to purchase; heat treat department managers, supervisors, maintenance departments, heat treat engineers, metallurgists, plant managers and owners. With over 20,000 heat treaters per month visiting our website and over 8,000 subscribing to our monthly newsletter “The Monty” your message will reach those who make heat treating decisions-around the world.



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