New Year, New ECM Flex Multi-Chamber System Orders for LPC

Pleasant Prairie, WI – February 22, 2021 – ECM’s dedication to providing captive and commercial heat treaters the best vacuum furnace solutions continues into 2021 with two multi-chamber system orders for Low Pressure Carburizing.

After shipping more than 60 vacuum heating chambers in 2020 for existing and new heat treat applications, it’s clear that ECM’s commitment to customer satisfaction & application solutions continues to thrive into the New Year. Advanced automation technology, including robotics, and decades of experience are also proving to be a driving force behind this surge in activity including those applications outside the LPC-HPGQ sector, including, but not limited to: multiple tool steel processing systems, brazing applications, and Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) systems.

With the automotive industry embracing revolutionary environmental policy and process changes, an automotive supplier of innovative driveline solutions recently invested in an ECM Flex system for vacuum carburizing. This system is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions significantly for vacuum carburizing vs. an existing atmosphere carburizing furnace. A second Flex vacuum furnace was purchased by a hydraulic pump manufacturer. For this customer, the modular flexibility of the Flex furnace was the most important advantage, especially since the furnace is built as a standard system with the possibility to further expand its capacity and/or to upgrade to a high level of automation (robots, AGVs, vision systems, or other 4.0 elements). In addition to modularity, several processes can be handled in the Flex furnace, such as: low pressure carburizing (LPC), vacuum tempering and a combination of vacuum sintering followed by hardening.

ECM Technologies is an innovative low pressure vacuum furnace manufacturer with headquarters in Grenoble, France. With subsidiaries and ventures around the world, including ECM USA located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin USA. ECM’s global presence is well known in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, energy, electronic, induction and 3D additive industries. With such versatile product lines and service capabilities, ECM is the ideal furnace system supplier for heat treatment processes ranging from rapid thermal processing (RTP) to low pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC). Our service capabilities include advanced automation, robotics, after sales, spare parts, on-site training and more. For more information, visit us online at or”

The photos below show the ECM facility in Grenoble, France as we at “The Monty Heat Treat News “saw it in 2019.

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