New Ownership for Furnace Builder Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited

“Niagara Falls – April 1, 2021; Victor Oreskovich, Owner of JTL Integrated Machine Ltd. (JTL), and Trenergy Inc. (Trenergy), is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited. (CAN-ENG).

Mr. Oreskovich has expanded his family of companies to further enhance and leverage each group’s ability to include customized engineered solutions.  According to Mr. Oreskovich, “As a mechanical engineer born and raised in Niagara, I have always had great admiration for CAN-ENG’s technical expertise, and the level of quality and creativity provided by their products which are installed around the world”.  With the addition of CAN-ENG, the combined resources will increase to over 250 associates, operating at four separate locations, consisting of a total of over 300,000 ft2 of available floorspace, outfitted with the most modern manufacturing capabilities.  With this potential, CAN-ENG will be perfectly positioned for strategic growth and development activity in thermal processing and heat treatment markets previously not explored.

About Each Group

CAN-ENG is a leading global designer and manufacturer of thermal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Since 1964, CAN-ENG has focused on the development of high volume, automated industrial furnace systems for challenging applications.  Over these years, CAN-ENG has gained an international reputation for design innovation, quality workmanship and dedication to service. CAN-ENG’s highly innovative furnace systems provide the latest advancements in energy saving technology and automation.  The Company finished 2020 with a large backlog, bolstered by a high order intake well above plan for the operating year. 

JTL is one of the largest machining facilities and fabrication shops in North America serving a number of industries including automotive, transportation, renewable energy, power generation, oil and gas, air compression, metal processing and mining. Established in 1964, JTL offers full-service precision component manufacturing capabilities that include the largest CNC machines available, heavy metal fabrication, assembly, surface finishing, high accuracy laser inspection and testing metrology capabilities.

Trenergy is a global supplier of infrastructure critical, code specified pressure vessels, drums, superheaters, economizers, waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, gas coolers and moisture separators. Operations at this facility began over 100 years ago, as the Foster Wheeler Corporation.  Trenergy today integrates a team of skilled craftsmen supported by modern automatic machinery and production control techniques which are complimented by an extensive array of non-destructive examination procedures.  These features allow Trenergy to be recognized as one of the world’s most trusted suppliers to the nuclear field, refineries, power plants, chemical sector and structural building and bridge constructors. For further information please contact [email protected].”

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