New Mathers Metal, Kentucky, USA Upgrading Heat Treat Department Giving Away Old Furnaces

In Franklin, Kentucky, USA New Mather Metal, the world’s largest stabilizer-bar manufacturer is making some changes to their in-house heat treating department. Heat treating has always been a core competency of the company and to this end the company has made some changes to their equipment with the end result that two older temper lines have become surplus. The company is offering both the units free of charge for the price of removal.

The first system was manufactured by PIFCO (now part of AFC-Holcroft) in 1989 and is a gas fired indexing chain style temper furnace. System consists of a charge table, 3 zone temper furnace and 10′ long cool down and discharge table.

The second system is a tube tempering furnace & cooling unit manufactured by Consolidated Engineering Company in 2005. The system was designed for tempering automotive torsion and say bars. Sled style (or pull-dog) transfer mechanism. Parts ride on trays each with a capacity of up to 675 pounds. Maximum number of trays in the system 17.

If you as a manufacturer have a use for these units please let us know and we will put you in touch.

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