Neotherm, UK-a New Way to Buy an Industrial Furnace?

“Based in the UK, Neotherm is a new company that has made a big impact on the scene as a result of a demand from customers to offer a complete solution to their heat treatment requirements. Whether you want to increase your heat treatment capacity, replace an old furnace or looking to install a furnace to process a new component, Neotherm will guide you from start to finish.

Furnace manufacturers will want to sell you a furnace from their range rather than one that is right for the application. Neotherm, together with it’s manufacturing partners, can offer the widest range of plant available. If it’s and endothermic generator, continuous, pit, batch, modular, vacuum or temper furnace you need, we can offer the smallest laboratory units to a recently supplied 12 tonne capacity carburising installation.

Why are we different to other furnace suppliers?

Our extensive heat treatment, engineering and atmosphere knowledge means that we can analyse your needs and offer the most efficient and effective answer to any heat treatment process. We always design our furnaces with ease of maintenance in mind and availability of spares. You will find our prices on some equipment, the most competitive on the market – without any compromise to quality or functionality. We offer an installation service and an ongoing maintenance support as required. We pride ourselves on delivering on time and never over budget. 

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