Natural Gas Usage and Your Carbon Footprint

Whether you agree or disagree that reducing your carbon footprint is an important issue or not these days is largely a mute point as it is a topic which keeps coming up more and more often. So with great interest we ran across an idea presented at the FNA heat treatment show this past week. Controls company SSi of Cincinatti has a product called an “AutoGen” which matches the output of an endothermic generator with the demand from the furnaces ensuring that no natural gas is wasted. With rising energy pricing its really a “no brainer” that the system makes an enormous amount of financial sense and this can be easily be proved by using the handy/dandy AutoGen Payback calculator which can be found at  AutoGen Payback (  The really cool part of the calculator and the point of this news iem is that it will also tell you how much your carbon footprint has been reduced by the natural gas reduction, I believe it will also even tell you how many trees this equates to. If your firm has a keen interest in reducing their carbon footprint this is a very easy way of coming up with some hard figures very quickly.

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