Munitions Supplier Adds Heat Treating Capacity

It is well known that the war in the Ukraine has put enormous pressure on increasing production of munitions, and at the top of the list this would include 105 and 155 mm artillery shells. This “war pressure demand” was bound to increase production in western countries of munitions which would include added heat treat capacity and we now have an example of this.
IMT ( is located in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada and for years now the company has produced a rather odd combination of products-truck axles and artillery shells, the mix depends upon market demand for each product. We have now heard that the munitions side of the business has gained the upper hand in the form of a very substantial order for artillery shells which is directly related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. (more about IMT Defense
How does this change their heat treating requirements? For many years IMT has had a very modest heat treat department in the form of 2 very old Surface Combustion “Super 30” Allcase batch IQ lines. We now believe that the heat treat department will be vastly expanded with several new Surface batch IQ furnaces on the way with the expectation that installation of the units will start shortly.
It brings joy to the hearts of everybody at “The Monty Heat Treat News” to see a Canadian company actually adding heat treat capacity rather than the never ending story of Canadian firms closing down their manufacturing facilities.
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