Monday Morning Briefing

We start off the week with an announcement from G-M Enterprises of California about an order the company just received for two horizontal vacuum furnaces;  G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, has received a multimillion-dollar order from a global manufacturer of metal injection molding (MIM) products to supply two large-size horizontal vacuum furnaces. These 2-Bar vacuum sintering furnaces feature a work area of 36” wide x 30” high x 84” long (900 x 762 x 2100 mm), 4400 lb. weight capacity, a maximum operating temperature of 2600°F (1430°C), and uniformity of +/-10°F (+/-5.5°C).

“This latest order comes from a customer we have had a strong cooperation with, and which will be part of a series of multiple furnaces provided by G-M Enterprises over the past decades. G-M Enterprises was carefully selected because of our ability to meet the customer’s large-scale design requirements and to optimize the furnace performance, our competitive lead time as well as the predictable and repeatable metallurgical results,” said Michel Frison, VP Global Sales, Nitrex and G-M Enterprises. “I want to thank our loyal customer for their trust as well as Mr. Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises Senior Adviser, and the whole team at G-M Enterprises who were instrumental in securing this order,” added Michel Frison. The first of the two furnaces will be delivered this year and the second is scheduled for commissioning in March 2021.”

Next up we can tell you about an order which Canadian furnace builder Can-Eng just received; “Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. (CAN-ENG) has recently been awarded a contract from a leading Global Tier 1 manufacturer of Lightweight Forged Suspension Components. This exciting new North American project will produce high quality lightweight forged aluminum components for passenger vehicles. The system, comprised of a pre-forging aluminum heating furnace, water quench and continuous aging furnace will be integrated into an automated forging cell that includes specialized material handling components and advance controls.”

In people news we see that Sergio Luevano recently became Product Manager at GM Enterprise in California (GM was mentioned earlier in this briefing). Sergio like many of us in the industry has worked with several companies over the years including Baker Furnace and Tenaxol. In Germany experienced sales person Markus Hildebrand just started working with commercial heat treater Härtha, in Aldenhoven after a number of years working with Bodycote. Härtha is one of the larger commercial heat treating groups in Europe and this is what their facility in Aldenhoven looks like.

Marc Glasser of Rolled Alloys in Michigan also makes our news today; “Rolled Alloys, Temperance, Mich., has announced that Marc Glasser, director of metallurgical services, has been reappointed to the board of the Heat Treating Society for the 2020-2023 term. He has been with Rolled Alloys since 2012 and has more than 39 years of experience in materials science and engineering. The Heat Treating Society, created by ASM Intl., is a membership society dedicated to the advancement of heat treating as a theoretical and applied discipline.”

In Poland commercial heat treater Hauck is pretty proud of the fact that they are now NADCAP certified as you can see in this picture. Hauck is one of the largest commercials in Europe, see how they stack up on “The Monty” list of the largest European commercial heat treaters

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