Vacu Braze Installs TM Vacuum Furnace, Chromalloy UK adds “Titan” Furnace and More Heat Treatment News

Recently we mentioned how Chromalloy in the UK was installing a new Titan vacuum furnace. We now have an official press release from Vacuum & Atmosphere Services in the UK who sold and installed the system; “VAS are extremely pleased to announce the delivery, build up and install of a brand new Ipsen Titan Vacuum Furnace. Chromalloy, a global provider of integrated solutions to extend the life of gas turbine engines, accepted delivery from USA two weeks ago, VAS has built up and positioned the new vacuum furnace ready for services in 2 days.  With the general industry uncertainty, VAS are grateful and delighted to see continual investment by a much valued UK customer. We look forward to fully commissioning the new vacuum furnace as soon as all services are supplied and look forward to supporting Chromalloy in the future. The Ipsen Titan vacuum furnace is a standard modular design, equipped with the versatility of processes, speed and uniformity, readily built to fit inside a standard truck or shipping container & extremely easy to install and operate anywhere in the world.”

In Michigan Enprotech Industrial Technologies is adding heat treating capacity to their newly expanded Lansing location. While the press release doesn’t say we believe it was a vacuum furnace which was added; “Enprotech Industrial Technologies, a provider of metal forming and steel manufacturing equipment, is adding 43,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing space to its 35,000-sq.-ft. Industrial Parkway building in Lansing, Mich. This project, the largest capital investment in the company’s history, consolidates its Michigan manufacturing operations to one centralized location. The expansion includes an extension of the large and small assembly bays and machine shop and the addition of a new welding shop and parts warehouse. Additionally, new CNC machines and a heat-treating furnace will be installed. The existing parts warehouse will be repurposed for the growing field service department team.”

SECO/WARWICK eSeminar-Heat Treatment & Metallurgy. In the age of COVID, e-seminars, Zoom meetings and virtual trade expositions have become the norm. Just last week we at “The Monty” attended the SECO/WARWICK eSeminar on Heat Treatment & Metallurgy, a first for us and most people for that matter. And what did we think? Well SECO put a heck of a lot of time and money into this event and it showed as it was very professionally done. We found some parts of the event rather confusing to navigate but that is perhaps the worst we can say. The best we can say is that the fellow who demonstrated how to detect leaks on a vacuum furnace was absolutely top notch and deserves an Oscar (no idea what his name is). The event was worthwhile but our honest opinion is that all virtual events are just not as good as the real thing.

From Vacu Braze in PA, USA we have this press release; “Vacu Braze is continuing to aggressively expand its capabilities for the Medical and Aerospace industries. We have recently installed a custom-built all-metal TM vacuum furnace in our climate-controlled clean processing room. With this new furnace, we have expanded our capacity for parts requiring a high degree of precision and purity. The new furnace can handle many materials and substrates including PH steels, cobalt-chromium steels, titanium, high nickel superalloys, and stainless steels. The furnace was custom built by TM for strict Vacu Braze specifications. As our clean processing capabilities expand, Vacu Braze is proud to provide innovative solutions to industries requiring precision, purity, and cleanliness from their heat treatment provider.”

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