Moldvay Promoted to President of Akron Steel Treating

Matt Moldvay, a long time employee of commercial heat treater Akron Steel Treating in Akron, Ohio, USA has just started in his new position as President of the company. Akron Steel Treating has regularly made the list of the 50 largest commercial heat treats in North America a list which can be found at

The firm has a very interesting history, a brief summary can be found below;

“The history of Akron Steel Treating in Akron, Ohio makes for fascinating reading. In 1943, the U.S. army helped Prosper P. Powell convert his garage at 654 Glenwood Avenue in the North Hill area of Akron into a mini-heat treating facility for firing pins. Operating in the secrecy of soaped windows and late-night deliveries, with overflow work conducted in the family’s kitchen oven, Powell launched a successful company. When World War Two was over Prosper asked the US government when they wanted the furnaces back. The answer was “they are yours now” and thus one of the oldest commercial heat treaters in the USA was born. Akron is still a family owned business and offers a very wide variety of heat treating.”

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