Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Company Adds Batch IQ Heat Treating Capacity

In Milwaukee, USA we see that a long established company, Complete Heat Treating has now entered the batch IQ/Carburizing market with a Surface Combustion batch IQ furnace. Complete has always been known for direct fired heat treating, this marks a new venture for the company. “The Monty Heat Treat News” knows the company well and in 2018 the “Monty Team” had this press release about the company including this photo. The firm reports strong sales in 2021 and expects it to continue. The first photo shows the new installation, the second shows Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” on the left along with part of the team at Complete.

“September 2018 Posting; Complete Heat Treating/Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Good news is breaking out all over-it is unusual to find a heat treater these days who is not growing and adding capacity and Complete Heat Treating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is no exception (by the way if the name is familiar it is because we mentioned just a few weeks about how the company had acquired Commercial Heat Treating Inc., also of Milwaukee).

Founded in 1939 as Wisconsin Steel and now operating under the names Complete Heat Treating, Wisconsin Steel Industries and Commercial Heat Treating this is a company which specializes in big work and we mean real big work-castings, forgings, weldments and plates up to 100,000 pounds. While the company is doing well at this market the decision of owners Jake and TJ Dolhun is that they want to add other processes and that is exactly what they have been doing.

Recently the company purchased an aluminum drop bottom oven and a batch IQ furnace both of which will be installed in the near future. You see part of the team below in front of their largest furnace, a direct fired unit capable of 2100F and loads up to 1 million pounds which puts them in a very small group of companies able to handle loads this size.”

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