Michelin Tire Invests In SECO/WARWICK 15 Bar Vacuum Furnace

SECO/WARWICK will deliver a compact Vector® vacuum furnace with a 400x400x600mm heating chamber to Michelin. It will be indispensable for the gas hardening process used in the manufacture of tools for premium tires.

“With a relatively low expenditure, the compact Vector vacuum furnace makes it possible to become independent from third parties. It also provides better control over the quality of heat-treated components and reduces the risk of delays which, as a result of lack of deliveries, slow down or obstruct manufacturing processes (tire manufacturing in this case). This is a very reasonable approach with a proven furnace design utilizing a round heating chamber, ergonomic pumping system and a powerful cooling system based on a blower that ensures the maximum hardening pressure up to 15 bar abs” said Maciej Korecki, Vice-President, Vacuum Furnace Segment, SECO/WARWICK Group.

The Vector vacuum furnace enables highly efficient hardening processes thanks to the use of high pressure and cooling gas. Vector® vacuum furnaces can be used for the majority of standard hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treating and brazing processes. However, a device can always be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and thus to the particular industry. The device is available in several sizes, so its output perfectly fits the customer’s needs. The Vector range is characterized by low consumption of energy and heating chamber performance as well as clean and quick processing. This flagship SECO/WARWICK product is already in operation in more than 70 countries worldwide, working for industries such as aviation, automotive or defense.

Michelin is the largest in Europe, and one of the largest global tire manufacturers. Its headquarters is located in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), France. The company manufactures tires mostly intended for passenger vehicles, trucks, agricultural machinery, and motorcycles as well as bicycle tubes and tires, and aircraft and space shuttle tires. Michelin has 56 production plants in 17 countries as well as 3 technology centers in France, Japan, and the United States. The Polish Michelin plant employs 4126 people and is the largest Michelin plant around the world in terms of the number of employees, and ranks third in terms of production capacity.

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