Metlab-The Heat Treat Podcast

Earlier this week we had our most recent “Heat Treat Podcast”, this one featuring Mr. Mark Podob, President and owner of Metlab Heat Treat of Wyndmoor, PA, USA (this and all of our previous “Heat Treat Podcasts” can be found at Magazine & Podcasts | The Monty ). What made this podcast so unique is the fact that Metlab with the largest commercially available pit carburizing furnaces in North America holds a very unique position.

As an example Mark sent us these photos of what is a relatively typical job for the company, but a very “untypical” job for most heat treaters.

What we see in the first photo is a 35,000 pound gear with a 10’ OD and a 4’ face width arriving at Metlab for processing. This gear is being quenched from 1550F, has a 0.250” effective case depth and surface hardness will be HRC 60 after tempering. The second photo shows the gear with masking and in a fixture being quenched. While this is a very substantial part by any standard it is by no means the largest gear or shaft which the company has processed.

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