Metex Heat Treat Installs Pit Nitriding Furnace

Our previous news item spoke of Vacu Braze in the USA finding business to be quite good these days. Another company which is “weathering the storm” well these days is Canada’s largest commercial heat treater Metex Heat Treat in Mississauga, Canada. The company was in the news earlier this year when they ordered a new 7,000 pound per hour mesh belt line. Well Metex is within a couple of days of starting up a brand new pit gas nitrider which can handle FNC work as well as other associated processes. This marks the company’s first venture into pit gas nitriding, a process which will compliment their carburizing, neutral hardening and induction capabilities. From our files we found this picture of the founder of the company Mr. Surjit Bawa with the company metallurgist Mr. Grant Robinson.

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