Metex Heat Treat/Brampton, Canada Adding Mesh Belt Capacity

As part of the “Monday Morning Briefing” yesterday we mentioned in passing that Metex in Brampton, Canada had recently added another mesh belt furnace line, today we can give you a few more details. After installing a 3000 lbs/hr continuous mesh belt line in 2018, Metex has installed another 3000 lbs/ hr line in 2019. This line was built by Can-Eng and this will be the 7th mesh belt furnace line the company now has in operation.

In total they will now be able to process over 25,000 pounds per hour which must make them one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America when it comes to mesh belt capacity for fasteners. FPM in the Chicago area probably rivals them but whether they are larger or not we couldn’t tell you. At the same time Metex also continues to add Induction heat treating capacity with several more systems added in the past couple of years.