Metallurgical Services, Dayton, Ohio-First HT Acquisition of 2021

Commercial heat treater Metallurgical Services in Dayton, Ohio has a new owner, Wilse Inc., an Indiana-based holding company. Metallurgical Services is part of Miller Consolidated Industries (MCI), which provides commercial heat treating, black oxide processing, metallurgical testing and steel tooling for the automotive, aviation, government and defense sectors and the new owners bought MCI in its entirety. “The Monty” team has visited this facility and our impression was a long established, slightly larger than average commercial heat treat.

Facilities include five vacuum furnaces, and six super ALLCASE furnaces for through hardening, carburizing, and carbon nitriding. These furnaces are also complimented by copper brazing belt furnaces, five induction heating units, and an ion nitriding furnace. Because of COVID, acquisitions within the commercial heat treating industry in North America have been few and far between, this marks the first acquisition of 2021.

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