Medical Device Manufacturer Brings Heat Treating in House

It is rather interesting the stated reasons for this manufacturer bringing their heat treating requirements in house-shorter lead times and improved process controls. We at “The Monty” have always said that costs have little to do with manufacturers bringing heat treating in house, the number one reason is always shorter lead times.

“G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, delivered a horizontal front-loading vacuum furnace with 6 Bar quench capability to a medical device company in the USA for vacuum heat treating of dies as well as critical medical parts. This investment represents the company’s first vacuum furnace, which aligns with their new production strategy to bring heat treating capabilities in-house to achieve shorter lead times and improved process controls.

“After due diligence by the customer, G-M Enterprises’ vacuum furnace came through as a clear winner among other competitors in the market for its advanced equipment design, superior efficiency, and a high return on investment. Also, our aftermarket services and support provided are second to none. We are proud of continually maintaining G-M Enterprises’ long-standing relationship with the medical industry, providing solutions that aid in improving the affordability and accessibility of high-quality healthcare,” said Michel Frison, VP Global Sales, Nitrex and G-M Enterprises.

G-M Enterprises completed the installation at the company’s newly expanded greenfield facility. The turnkey solution features a horizontal front loading vacuum furnace G-M model HVF 101-(I)XB with 6-Bar internal quench capabilities and a work area of 18″ Wide x 18″ High x 24″ Long (457 x 457 x 610 mm), with an all-metal furnace construction. The system is part of the company’s metal injection molding operations and is intended for heat-treating of steel dies used in the manufacturing of medical components.”

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