McLaughlin Furnace Group/Rhode Announce New Salt Recovery Project

Earlier this year “The Monty Heat Treat News” announced that US furnace builder McLaughlin Furnace Group and German furnace company Rohde Schutzgasoefen had come to an agreement on working together. Today we have this joint press release from the two companies about a new project;

NOVEMBER 4, 2022; McLaughlin Furnace Group of Avilla, Indiana, USA and Rohde Schutzgasoefen of Hanau, Germany are very proud to announce that as a result of a partnership formed earlier this year between the two companies they have landed one of their first contracts. A Rohde “SRU” (Salt Recovery Unit) designed by Rohde will be built and installed by McLaughlin Furnace Group and delivered to a US manufacturer of sporting equipment. The system is designed to reclaim 99% of the salt which is used in furnaces using salt as a quenching medium.

Joern Rohde had this to say; “We are very pleased to have reached this stage with our new partners, McLaughlin Furnace Group. To date we have found it a pleasure to work with the McLaughlin team and we are already planning a number of other projects

Jeff McLaughlin of McLaughlin Furnace Group had this to say: “While this project is very important to us and represents a real milestone it is the future that we are really looking forward to. Already we have in mind a number of other collaborations both in Europe and North America. We are tremendously excited about what the future holds for both companies“.

“JUNE 7, 2022.  US Furnace Builder & German Furnace Manufacturer Agree To Form Partnership; McLaughlin Furnace Group Based in the US & Rohde Schutzgasoefen Located in Germany Announces Partnership. Furnace manufacturer Rohde Schutzgasoefen of Germany and McLaughlin Furnace Group of Avila, Indiana, USA have announced a partnership for servicing equipment and also for furnace manufacturing. More details will be announced soon.”

About McLaughlin Furnace Group; “In 2007 Jeff McLaughlin, founded McLaughlin Services and quickly become an industry leader. Then in 2017, McLaughlin purchased Vesco, a vacuum service company based in East Windsor, Connecticut, that opened in 1983. Today, the new McLaughlin Furnace Group, is recognized as an innovative pioneer in the heat treat industry. Blending cutting-edge technology with over 100 years of combined expert experience on staff, McLaughlin Furnace Group has set an industry standard for elite customer service and custom, go-to solutions.” McLaughlin Furnace Group (

About Rohde Schutzgasoefen; “Rohde is a medium-sized family company active in the manufacturing of heat treatment systems for over 30 years. We are based in Hanau, close to Frankfurt am Main. Here, we plan, design and manufacture our products in accordance with our philosophy: Modernise & improve the proven, and develop innovations. Our company has a very strong background in retort style furnaces and salt recovery systems.” Rohde Schutzgasöfen GmbH | | Rohde Schutzgasöfen GmbH (”

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