McLaughlin Furnace Group and Rohde GmbH Strengthen Ties

It would appear that McLaughlin Furnace Group and Rohde GmbH are getting closer to marriage as we can see in this press release.

“McLaughlin Furnace Group of Avilla, Indiana, USA and ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH of Hanau, Germany are pleased to announce that moving forward the two companies will be working more closely together, specifically on Rohde’s line of SRU’s (Salt Recovery Units).

Jörn Rohde, CEO of Rohde had this to say; “While we have a number of our Salt Recovery units installed in North America we realized that moving forward we needed a partnership with a US company to service, support and install our systems. After two years of discussions we decided that the ideal partner in the US would be McLaughlin Furnace Group”.

Jeff McLaughlin, founder of McLaughlin Furnace Group had these comments to add; “ Over the years we have seen several examples of Rohde salt recovery units and were always impressed by the simplicity, quality and ease of operation of the systems. When we were first approached by Jörn about working with him in North America my first impression was “hell yes”. We are very excited about working with the Rohde team.” 

The photo below shows Jeff McLaughlin on the left and Raphael Nees of Rohde standing beside a system recently brought into operation at a chain saw manufacturer on the US west coast.

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