McKechnie Aluminum Solutions in New Zealand Installs Nitrocarburizing System

“McKechnie Aluminum Solutions, a pioneer aluminum extrusion company based in New Zealand, upgraded their manufacturing operations with the addition of a Nitrex NXK-812 compact nitrocarburizing system that boasts a 1000 kg / 2200 lb. load capacity and a working space of 800 mm diameter x 1200 mm high (31 ½” x 47¼”).

The addition of the new Nitrex nitriding system is a continuation of McKechnie’s efforts to gain headway into the future of aluminum manufacturing that was first set into motion with a new 35 MN extrusion press commissioned in 2019. This capital investment saw the company’s production capacity nearly double and the recent implementation of downstream equipment like the Nitrex system will support this increased capacity. The nitrocarburizing system will treat H13 extrusion dies.

The NXK system is equipped with the Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing technology that holds the merit of being environmentally friendly and is proven to achieve higher fatigue strength of dies, which dramatically reduces the incidence of flaking and other defects during the extrusion process. This benefit improves the performance of the extrusion die and similarly extends its service life. The Nitrex system also advances McKechnie’s goal of sustainability by enabling more efficient use of process gases and energy. Presently, the company is the only aluminum extruder in Australasia with a re-melt facility, and as a result of this, a high proportion of the company’s extruded products are made from recycled aluminum.

“The investments in a new extrusion line and Nitrex nitrocarburizing technology will make it possible for McKechnie to continue to enter new markets by developing product offerings that appeal to the Australasian market. With the current pandemic situation and travel restrictions, the Nitrex system will be installed and commissioned by our virtual on-site technical services team, who will realize this project to the same exacting quality and productivity standards as our live in-person crew. Additionally, the system will also meet all the necessary safety and environmental standards in New Zealand,” said Nikola Dzepina, International Account Executive at Nitrex.

The installation and start-up are set to be completed by the end of November. All components of the turnkey NXK system will be fixed on a structural platform that will allow for a substantially shorter commissioning time and quick production startup at McKechnie”

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