Mayer Industries, Orangeburg, SC, USA Auction

Braiding machine manufacturer (we are not entirely sure what a braiding machine is), Mayer Industries in South Carolina, USA has closed their doors and the remaining equipment is going to auction October of this year. Our interest and yours is in the fact that there are a few heat treat items of interest included in the auction, the main one being a rather nice looking CI Hayes Vacuum Carburizing furnace with these specs; 2400 Degrees Max. Operating Temperature, 24” x 12” x 9” Working Dimensions, 100Lb. Maximum Load; Parts Door Approx. 18″ W x 15″ H. CI Hayes was at one point in time the leader in vacuum carburizing technology and the company made hundreds of these systems. These days when they come on the used equipment market their value ranges from zero to substantial-it is always hard to tell because the demand fluctuates enormously but this appears to be a nice looking unit and will probably attract some reasonable offers. An official announcement about the closing is below along with some photos which might be of interest.

“An Orangeburg braiding machine manufacturer is closing its doors after nearly 50 years of business. “Mayer Industries Inc. has been a longtime resident in Orangeburg,” Mayer CEO George Fischer said. “It is with no small sense of sadness that the Mayer family had to make a difficult decision to consolidate manufacturing at the German headquarters of Mayer & Cie. The current consolidation of the braiding machine business into the German operations follows the consolidation of the knitting machines business in the early 2000s,” Fischer continued. “This consolidation will provide diversification and improved asset utilization.”