Mark Hemsath Appointed Vice-President of Nitrex Sales Heat Treating Services

To this very interesting press release we can add that “The Monty Heat Treat News” recently interviewed Mark Hemsath, an interview which can be found at Mark Hemsath, VP Super IQ and Nitriding, SECO/WARWICK | The Monty Marks interview is one of more than 60 interviews and Podcasts which “The Monty” team has put together over the past few years.

“Mark Hemsath, former Vice-President of SECO/VACUUM Technologies LLC, is joining Nitrex’s Heat Treating Services Sales division. He will be taking on the role of Vice-President of Sales Heat Treating Services, Americas. His main responsibilities will include managing the North American Heat Treatment Sales division and growing the business for key customers in target industries. 

Mark has a Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, and a Minor in Manufacturing Technology. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, it comes as no surprise that he appeared on The Monty’s September 2019 list of 25 most influential people in the North American heat treat industry. He has contributed to several technical publications and conferences over the years as well. His experience speaks for itself: marketing and sales for technical industries; a strong engineering-based background in processes and materials such as heat-treating, metallurgy, process gases, and high-temperature reactions; engineering expertise in furnace design and build, high-temperature alloys applications, advanced controls and automation, material handling and conveyors, safety requirements, NFPA 86 issues, combustion of gases and burners, and safely processing with reactive gases; legal expertise with contracts, product liability, depositions, and equipment safety, and the list goes on. Throughout his impressive career, he has worked for several key players in the industry, including Advanced Heat Treat Corp., SECO/WARWICK Corp., and MH Thermal.

Nitrex, a leading heat treatment solution provider with over three decades of experience, will be gaining a major asset with the acquisition of Hemsath. “Mark is a seasoned heat-treating professional with many years of sales-management experience in the thermal processing industry.  His expert technical and process knowledge will be a great asset to Nitrex and will help reinforce our position as the leading global provider of integrated heat treatment solutions.  I am very pleased to welcome Mark to the Nitrex team,” says Jason Orosz, President of Heat Treating Services at Nitrex Metal Inc.”

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