MAN Energy Solutions, Germany Installs HEMO Cleaning System

Last week, December 7th to be exact we had a news item about a brand new state of the art heat treat at a company by the name of MAN Energy Systems in Augsburg, Germany The news item included a video of the entire installation, a video which has now attracted over 2,000 views by the way by the way. Part of the press release mentioned a super duper cleaning system from a firm by the name of HEMO also in Germany. Hemo has now issued this press release about the install along with a photo. The second picture shows the CEO of the company Mr. Andreas Fritz with Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” at the ASM show in Mexico earlier this year.

“A hybrid cleaning machine for pre-cleaning of various parts before vacuum hardening processes was delivered to MAN Energy Solutions in Augsburg, Germany. It is fully integrated into the IPSEN master control center and the batch size fits to the IPSEN TQ size. This enables fully-automatic hardening processes for maximum economic efficiency. The cleaning machine can run modified alcohol and water-based-alkaline media in the same cleaning chamber. The result is spot-free cleanliness for highest demands by removing organic like oil and grease residues with organic solvents and anorganic leftovers like salts with water. The flood-washing step is followed by vapour degreasing and drying – the whole process takes place under vacuum of course. The hybrid cleaning machine combines flexibility and sustainability with highest quality and therefore is the perfect solution especially for commercial heat treating companies.”

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