Low Pressure Carburizing Trivia

Now here is some useless trivia for you. The first vacuum carburizing load was run almost exactly 50 years ago at John Deere in Iowa, USA. The year was 1969 and the load was processed in a 10 bar furnace and methane was the carburizing medium. Vacuum carburizing has come a long way since that time and in certain industries such as automotive gearing it has become the predominant form of heat treating. To mark the occasion we at “The Monty” are going to be visiting one of the pioneers in the vacuum carburizing industry and one of the largest manufacturers- ECM in Grenoble, France. We will take the opportunity to interview the President of the company Mr. Laurent Pelissier, get his thoughts on the future of the technology and provide you with some photos of ECM. In the attached photo taken just 3 months ago at ECM in Wisconsin, USA Laurent is shown on the left.