Lindberg/MPH Sells Homocarb Pit Furnace

If you scan through this press release you will see that a very well known individual in the North American furnace manufacturing industry, Mr. Bill St. Thomas is quoted. This gives us the opportunity to include this photo of Bill which was taken at the ASM Heat Treat Show in Columbus, Ohio, USA back in 2017.

“Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an Electrically Heated Homocarb Pit Furnace to a manufacturer in the power industry. This pit furnace is designed with a maximum operating temperature of 1750°F and gross workload of 1600 lbs. Temperature uniformity of +/- 25°F at 1650°F was documented with a 9-point profile test.

The furnace can accommodate a work basket with a 25″ diameter that is 48″ deep providing a clear work volume of 13.64 ft3. A retort minimizes atmosphere consumption and furnace conditioning time between loads. The cover lid utilizes an electrically operated boom lift which provides ease of loading and unloading. An upper furnace fence guard was also installed on the furnace to provide added safety.  This pit furnace is designed with the capability to use Homocarb fluid for the furnace atmosphere. It is also designed with a forced cooling system which accelerates cooling of the load while still under a protective atmosphere. “The Homocarb Fluid Atmosphere system pumps the Homocarb Fluid through a furnace inlet tube to a heated target suspended from the cover inside the furnace chamber. This ensures that the fluid is dissociated to create the furnace atmosphere before it comes into contact with the customer workload.” Bill St. Thomas, Business Development Manager”