“Lights Out Heat Treating”-Man Energy Solutions, Germany

 “Lights Out Heat Treating” refers to a completely automated heat treat line where the operators can literally turn out the lights, walk out the door and be confident that the next morning they will return to find parts correctly heat treated. 20 years ago the concept was in its infancy but the technology has progressed and we now see very successful examples at companies such as Man Energy Solutions in Augsburg, Germany. The company has made enormous investments in new equipment and technologies over the past 4 years and this includes an automated “Lights Out” line which can be seen here

Back in December of 2020 we mentioned the company in this press release; “MAN Energy Solutions Opens State Of the Art Heat Treat In Germany; In Augsburg, Germany we find that MAN Energy Solutions recently opened a state of the art commercial heat treat facility, a project which started way back in 2016. In that year demolition of the old plant started with new equipment from Ipsen and Cleaning solutions company HEMO starting to arrive in 2018, final handover and full production took place this year. The facility offers high pressure gas quenching (20 bar), low pressure carburizing and prototype production. The man in charge is Mr. Andreas Büttner a long time heat treater.”

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