LIEBHERR-Aerospace, Toulouse France Adds Vacuum Brazing Furnaces

From vacuum furnace builder BMI in France we have this press release about two vacuum brazing furnaces the company recently installed at Liebherr Aerospace in Toulouse, France; 

Two new BMI vacuum furnaces have been added to the brazing workshop of LIEBHERR-AEROSPACE TOULOUSE (France). They are big size furnaces with a useful volume of 1000*h1000*2500mm for the vacuum brazing of stainless steel exchangers (furnace B56T250) and aluminum exchangers (furnace BA56-250). The LIEBHERR exchangers are part of their innovative on-board systems for the air-conditioning of the cabin. These two vacuum furnaces are state-of-the-art in the technology of vacuum brazing of aerospace components. BMI’s extensive knowledge in temperature regulation under secondary vacuum, as well as BMI’s ability to adapt its products to customer’s process requirements have led to the success of this business in terms of quality and performance.”