Largest Vacuum Furnace in Turkey Commissioned

December of 2023 “The Monty Heat Treat News” posted a news item about the installation of what has been promoted as the largest vacuum furnace in Turkey, this item can be found below. We can now finish this story by adding that the furnace has entered production and that it has working dimensions of 1200mm X 2700mm (approximately 48″ diameter by 106″ high). 

“DECEMBER 13/2023; Largest Vacuum Furnace in Turkey? Turkey has long had a very large, modern and progressive heat treating industry (both captive and commercial) with some of the most advanced heat treating technologies in the world. On the commercial side of the market one of the larger commercial shops is Döksan Isıl İşlem with at least two locations in the country. A few years back Dale & Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” had a chance to visit this company and what we found were two impressive facilities largely dedicated to atmosphere and induction heat treating mainly for the automotive industry. The company has always been ambitious and looking for new markets and this leads to this news item. “Döksan Isıl İşlem ve ARGE Merkezi A.Ş. Başkent OSB will soon start production of the country’s largest vacuum furnace which can be seen in these photos. The bottom loading, vertical furnace is being provided by BMI of France and is destined to process components for the aerospace industry.” We have these 3 pictures of the install.”

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