Largest North American Commercial Heat Treaters-Lark Heat Treating

As we put together our list of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters as ranked by sales we will have a new entry for this year-Lark Heat Treating in Houston, Texas, USA. “Lark Heat Treating was founded in 1978 by brother’s Frank and Gene Clark with the guidance and inspiration of their father, Wade Clark, whose heat treating career started in 1936. Now owned and operated by Frank and Gene, Lark Heat Treating is one of the top commercial heat treaters in the southern United States, Lark Heat Treating Houston, TX” Lark operates out of a 55,000 square foot facility and can be classified as a “full service provider” in that they offer most commercially available processes, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum hardening, induction and a few others. Find out where on our list Lark ranks when we come out with our complete list in a few short weeks.

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