Largest European Commercial Heat Treaters/February 14 2019

From heat treat industry expert Thomas Wingens (whose profile can be viewed at the bottom of this page) we have this summary of the 10 largest commercial heat treaters in Europe based on annual sales volume. To this list we have added some comments of our own.

“Thomas Wingens is the President of WINGENS LLC International Industry Consultancy in Pittsburgh, PA and Stuttgart, Germany. He has a graduated engineering degree (Dipl.Ing.) in material science from the University of Applied Science in Dortmund/Germany and holds a MBA from the University of Economy and Management in Stuttgart/Germany. Mr. Wingens started his professional career in 1987 as metallurgist and heat treater in the Thyssen Specialty Steel mill in Germany and has worked in Management and Executive positions with leading companies in the metal and heat treat industry, such as Bodycote, Ipsen, Tenova Group, Seco/Warwick, VTN (IHI Group) and executed research projects with ThyssenKrupp Germany, Volvo Corporate Research Sweden and Böhler Voestalpine Steel Austria.

He is a member of ASM (American Society of Materials), AIST (American Iron and Steel Technology) in the US and their equivalent societies in Germany  (VDI Germany Engineering Society, VDEH German Society of Iron and Steel, AWT German heat treat society). In August 2016 he got elected as board member to the North American Heat Treat Society (HTS). Mr. Wingens has published several papers and held presentations at international conferences on general heat treating, nitriding and vacuum furnace processes. He lives with his wife Andrea and their two children In Sewickley, PA (Pittsburgh). Thomas can be reached at [email protected]