Largest Captive Heat Treaters North America-Dana Fairfield

“The Monty Heat Treat News” has for a number of years been publishing a list of the largest single location captive heat treaters in North America-our 2023 industry exclusive list can be found at This page will also provide our criteria for determining which are the largest in North America.
For 2024 our list will be expanded to; “15 Largest Single Location Captive Heat Treats in North America” and this list will be coming out within the next week and include 4 brand new names including that of “Dana Fairfield”.
Our 2023 list prompted a number of large manufacturers with substantial heat treatment departments to reach out to “The Monty” to see how they ranked on our list-one that reached out was Dana Fairfield Manufacturing in Lafayette, Indiana, USA a supplier  customer gears and drive systems. While we have long been familiar with this location, we were not aware of the size of their heat treat facility, based upon what we learned recently we would suggest that this location certainly deserves to be ranked as one of the “15 Largest Single Location Captive Heat Treats in North America”. 
The heat treat department of this facility covers over 65,000 square feet (6,000 square meters) and in it we find 9 pusher lines, 2 nitriding systems, 2 large annealers, several pit carburizing systems, multiple batch IQ lines and a very substantial induction hardening footprint. Incidentally while this is a very impressive heat treat facility it represents only a fraction of the over 700 heat treating systems which Dana operates around the globe.
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