L & L Special Furnace Ships Large Car Bottom Furnace

“L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., has shipped a large gas-fired normalizing furnace to a worldwide manufacturer of pipe, tube and fittings used for various military contracts. The furnace was scheduled for delivery at the end of Q4 2021 and ran about four weeks behind schedule due to various supply chain issues.

It is rated to operate at temperatures from 1,300°F / 704°C to 2,200°F / 1204°C and heated with six medium-velocity burners. The furnace will be able to maintain uniformity of ±25°F / 12.5°C at temperatures above 1,300°F / 704°C. The L&L model FCG4410 has working dimensions of 48” wide by 48” tall by 120” deep.

The car-bottom-style furnace features a load car that moves in and out of the unit on supplied railroad-type rails. The door is mounted to the car, which is motorized with all required stops and clearances. The side seals are pneumatic and seal to the car bottom once the car is inside the furnace. Castable piers provide good support for up to a 10,000-pound load. The furnace is completely insulated with ceramic fiber modules. The control is a floor-standing NEMA12 panel with fused disconnect at the source. All fusing and interconnections are included. The furnace is controlled by a Eurotherm Nanodac program control. Three-zone burner control is provided to promote uniformity. Overtemperature protection is included along with a six-input paperless chart recorder and jack panel.”

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