Kutz & Shulze Heat Treating, Hamburg, Germany

The correct name for this company is actually Kutz & Shulze Harterei und Zahnadtechnik however we have taken the liberty of translating into English. We mentioned KS last week in relation to a news item we did about a gear manufacturer and captive heat treater in Bremen, Germany by the name of Tandler-KS is a division in Hamburg which offers commercial heat treating. We would describe the company as a medium sized commercial shop offering nitriding, carburizing, salt processing and vacuum heat treating which has roughly 20 employees. KS obviously is a firm which believes in investing back into the company, we saw a couple of real nice Schmetz 10 bar vacuum furnaces, both of which are fairly new. The man in charge is a happy, happy guy by the name of Andreas Arany who we have met at various heat treating events over the years, he is shown with Joern Rohde of Rohde Furnaces of Hanau.