Kuczma Hardening Plant, Poland to Install Vacuum Furnace

According to this press release commercial heat treater Kuczma in Poland will be installing a SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace; “Vector is the most popular vacuum technology for heat treatment selected by commercial plants worldwide. This vacuum furnace is a very efficient and versatile system used for heat treating many types of materials and metal alloys. Its functionality includes gas hardening and tempering, annealing, brazing and degassing. This Vector model – a vacuum furnace equipped with 1.5 bar gas quenching pressure — will significantly increase the capacity of the Kuczma Hardening Plant and will enable it to process parts with dimensions up to 600x600x900 mm. This will be the first SECO/WARWICK furnace operated by the Kuczma Hardening Plant. Commercial heat treaters around the world, including Poland, select SECO/WARWICK technologies for many reasons, most importantly for their versatility, reliability and precision.”