Knife Manufacturer Orders 10 Bar Vacuum Furnace

From our friends at furnace builder SECO/WARWICK we have this press release about an order the firm received from a European knife manufacturer for a 10 bar quenching vacuum furnace.

“A renowned Czech manufacturer of machining tools, industrial knives, mulching knives, and chippers has placed an order with SECO/WARWICK for a Vector® vacuum furnace with 10 bar high-pressure gas quenching. This is one of the Group’s flagship products, and it will be used for tool steel hardening and tempering processes. The design has been customized to enable the processing of long and straight items.

“The furnace on order, based on a proven and reliable design — Vector — has been adapted to match the customer’s specific needs. SECO/WARWICK engineers have designed a unique working space with the dimensions of 600x600x1800 mm. The device modification was implemented to fit the characteristic shape of the workpieces. Apart from the non-standard dimensions of the chamber, the unit was fitted with a directional cooling option to effectively cool down long and thin knives that, due to their shape, are prone to distortion during the hardening process. With directional cooling, the goal is to reduce this undesirable phenomenon.

The furnace was customized to synchronize its operation to the dedicated thermal process for knives and chippers. The application for the device required an inverter that enables complete control over temperature at every stage of the hardening process to reduce distortion. Together with the additional option of directional cooling and the convection system, the system design helps to reduce the undesirable distortion significantly.

“The common goal was to reach an optimum matching of the furnace performance with the items processed by the customer. At SECO/WARWICK, we always build relationships and dialogue, making it possible to adjust our equipment to the customer’s particular needs. Employing outstanding and experienced engineers and having vast production expertise and a long-standing experience with furnaces intended for metal heat treatment, no solution would be impossible for us. Thus, we are renowned for customized designs of furnaces, perfectly matching the needs of our customers through technology originating from standard solutions,” — commented Maciej Korecki, VP, Vacuum Business Segment, SECO/WARWICK Group.”

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