Kittyhawk Hot Isostatic Pressing

One of the hottest trends in the heat treatment industry in North America in 2019 has been the dramatic growth in Hot Isostatic Pressing. Kittyhawk in California, USA is a long established player in this field who has found the increased demand for this technology warranted a very substantial investment in an additional facility and more equipment.

“Kittyhawk has officially begun providing Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) services at their new facility in Canby, Oregon.  In response to increased demand for HIP services in the Pacific Northwest, Kittyhawk expanded from its Southern California location to accommodate continued growth of its customers and to attract new customers from the region.  Kittyhawk’s multi-million dollar investment plan included the purchase of a 27,000 sq. ft. facility capable of housing multiple HIP units and the purchase of a state-of-the-art 46×100 HIP unit.  The company expects to hire local talent to join the Canby team and will install a second 46×100 unit in early 2020. Kittyhawk was founded in 1981 to provide Hot Isostatic Pressing services to the casting industry.  Headquarted in Garden Grove, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, Kittyhawk operates 6 HIP units and employs over 50 people.  The company is dedicated to providing excellent, timely and economical services to its customers.  Kittyhawk serves companies from the aerospace, commercial, military, automotive, firearms medical, oil and gas industries. For more information, please contact Brandon Creason at [email protected] or 714-895-5024.”