KGO, Wetter, Germany

During a visit to a number of heat treat industry suppliers and heat treaters in Germany, Gord and Jordan Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” took the opportunity to visit a well known furnace builder in Wetter, Germany by the name of “KGO”. At this point we should probably correct what we just said-according to Harald Roth of KGO while yes KGO is well known as a furnace builder they also very much consider themselves to be more of a machine builder with the capabilities to design and produce a wide variety of manufacturing systems in addition to heat treat furnaces
As an example, during our visit today “The Monty” witnessed two nitriding furnaces in various stages of construction (one for China and one for North America) alongside a system which will end up in the investment casting industry. We had no idea that KGO was involved in the casting industry but according to our host Harald Roth, the company has long produced systems for the casting industry.
We mention nitriding systems and machines for the casting industry but we also witnessed today a sealed quench system in the KGO facility as well as at least two other various types of systems. We always like seeing all industry suppliers doing well and it sounds like KGO has a number of furnace orders in hand and they are confidently expecting 2024 to be a good year for the company. 
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