Kern Liebers, Mexico Adds More Vacuum Nitriding Capacity

This week we start off with a news item from Mexico about captive/Commercial heat treater Kern Liebers in Queretaro adding some more vacuum nitriding capacity.  Rohde Installs New Vacuum Nitriding Furnace at Kern Liebers Mexico Plant; In these pictures we see a brand new Rohde furnace that has been installed at the Kern Liebers plant located in Queretaro, Mexico. This is the 3rd Rohde furnace at this plant. It is a vacuum nitriding pit furnace with working dimensions of 160/350. Over the years Rohde has delivered several furnaces to Kern Liebers‘ plants worldwide. This new furnace will start production in January 2020 at the Queretaro plant.  In the one picture below we see from left to right: Luis Andrade (Kern Liebers, Mexico), Tim Lotz (Rohde), Emmanuel Cabrera (Kern Lievbers, Mexico) and Stefan Braun (Rohde).”