Jens Baumann & Edgar Falkowski

Back in March of this year we mentioned that Jens Baumann & Edgar Falkowski in Germany had parted ways with controls company UPC (the UPC ad can be found on the right side of this page). We lost touch with them, however we learned that they both very recently started with a company by the name of Millivolt GmbH also in Germany about whom we know nothing. The original press release is below.

March 2019; One of the world’s largest and best known suppliers of controls for the heat treat industry, United Process Controls has seen a couple of personnel changes in Europe; “United Process Controls GmbH and Messrs Edgar Falkowski (previously Director Engineering) and Jens Baumann (previously Director Sales) parted company on 25 February 2019. As current contact person in place of Mr. Falkowski in the Engineering Division please contact our Ms. Soldani, phone +49 7161 94888-38, e-mail; Our existing team will continue to work with you in a professional and uninterrupted manner; the replacement of both positions is already in progress.”