Jason Jossart, Atmosphere Engineering-Where Are They Now?

Going back roughly 20 years Jason Jossart (who was with Waukee Flowmeters at the time) had a better idea-an idea which lead to him forming Atmosphere Engineering Company of Wisconsin, USA. The idea of course was the “Endoinjector” a truly brilliant idea which matched the output of an endothermic gas generator with demand from the heat treating furnnaces. The result was a dramatic decrease in the amount of natural used which in some cases meant an ROI of less than 1 year. The idea was such a sucess that virtually every single new endo generator produced around the world these days utilizes this technology. Approximately 2017 Atmosphere Engineering Company was aquired by the UPC division of Nitrex where Jason was VP of Operations.
Recently “The Monty Heat Treat News” has been hearing rumors that Jason has moved on and is now located in North Carolina and involved in a new venture. The rumor appears to be correct as Jason is now  Vice President of Technical Services at “Obsidian Technical Group” in North Carolina. While we have no details whatsoever about the company we have been lead to believe that it will be offering products to the heat treatment industry which of course would be no surprise. We will keep you posted.
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